Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years :)

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, I know we are having a great day, hope yours is safe and with loved ones :)

Keep your powder dry :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rekindled interest :)

A book I have been long looking out for, was sent to me. In it is some information about my great great grandfather who was a gunsmith in the 1860's. I found this info out at a time I was trying to build a long term "hobby/job" out of the muzzleloading lifestyle. Over the years family members had mentioned to me about the family history and it never sank in, last year it took hold and has really bitten into me :p

Cooking is my livelihood at the moment and almost pays the bills, plus being allot of fun when I can cook my own way. But I need something away from the kitchen to lighten up with. My other hobbies do help and are good to switch to when things get clogged up, but I always seem to come back to muzzleloading, even though i haven't shot in years. I maintain my current arms and generally get attracted to just about anything from my preferred era, funny as it's also the same time frame as when my ancestor was gunsmithing :p the mid 1800's :) Most of my razors are from this time, coins, so many other interests seem to flow back to this time period. So I think I need to listen to this and get busy with it :)

Granted most of my family roots are back east, my immediate family was the only ones to go west that I know of. So I will be looking to that migration period to form my own interests. The idea of setting up a "Trading Post - BP Gunsmith" focusing on the mid 1800's just seems like a fun thing to do as a hobby business if and when I can retire, plus the idea of having a place away from the house to have my stuff :)

Well time to read some more of my new book, "The Pennsylvania Kentucky Rifle" I'm sure I'll finish it in a month :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Howdy all,

I've been slacken off lately, had some health issues that required immediate attention and the bi product of that has been me getting out to exercise alot more. I've taken up my bicycle again and have been riding alot more than working on my muzzleloaders :p

That said I have a better clue as to what book my great great grandfather is listed in, now if I was smart I would have printed the email... oops... will have to look it up and print it this time...

Till next time :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Patch Knife continued...

Well to my disappointment I found a hairline crack in a 1850's era razor... But not to be down to long... I now have a patch knife piece to make for my rifle :)
This razor would have been a great shaver, if it wasn't for that frigging crack hiding next to that chip. As I was working out the chip I saw a scratch that wasn't going the right direction, being paranoid about these things I checked the other side... yup same scratch... Crap not a scratch... It's a crack, and they never hone out right enough to shave with again... /cry...
So I'll be removing the scales (putting them on a Bell Belfast) and looking for a piece of horn to set this razor in :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Patch Knives

Interesting observation brought up over on my Straight Razor blog. "The use of the Patch Knife" as well as where did the term start from.

I use an old razor for my patch knife, tang is just secured in an antler tip. I think I'll also toss all my busted razors over on my bench and see what ones can be altered into patch knives.

Just my speculation but I think the term "Patch Knife" came about in recent times when you didn't have to carry a small knife everywhere you went for daily chores. Back in the day when you where living off the land your knives where on you and used for everything, and the smaller one would cut the patches as needed. Once we didn't need that knife for everything we did, we stopped carrying it or it morphed into another tool that may not have been thought of to cut patches. Heck by that time we didn't need patches any longer. So now if you step back into the BP era you find you need a small knife to cut the patches.

I'd love to see what others are carrying in their kits, as it gives me ideas on what to make for mine... At the moment my kit is modern junk I scrounged up in the early 80's and just never replaced :p Now I find I want to replace it all with stuff I made myself. Kind of exciting to get working on it all :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

While I'm searching for more experience...

While I'm out and about gathering info and goodies for my muzzleloading addiction I found myself distracted by Straight Razors again :p So much so that... Ya another Blog... It was just easier to keep them all separated and not getting all mixed up :p

So what I have been doing is focusing on the Black Powder era razors. And there are allot of very interesting razors out there that fit the time lines many of us follow. Granted the real early ones, pre 1800, are a real bugger to find. It's almost like a wall has been built at around 1790... you just don't see much before that period, and the few that pop up get fuzzy as to when they really where made. Unless you luck out and get a name that was known to have closed before 1800... than your good :p

I now have 2 in the 1790-1820 range and they are both great shavers :) But my personal interests run a bit later, 1830 to 1860, both in razors and rifles :)

So when I have something date related I'll bring that razor over here to add to the feel here but for now all my Razor stuff will be at the Cut-Throat of a Different Kind blog :)

I don't have much to report at this time as I have about 25 vintage razors to restore and that's being covered next door :p

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


About 20 years ago a friend traded a .45 Kentucky rifle kit for some reloading I did for him. He has sense passed away and I really want to finish the rifle, just cause :p But it's not a very good kit and in bad shape... I've been dragging my heels getting this done and really should do it just got the memories... But it may never be a good shooter as there is a good deal of pitting that I may not be able to lap out, it's also a cheapie. It makes no sence to me to dump any $$ into it as I don't expect to use it much. But I hate sinking allot of time into a rifle not thinking it will be a shooter.

Arrgghh!! If money was not an issue I'd replace the bad parts and make it real, but alas that is not the case... So close to done and so far lol...

Sorry for the ramblings but I just had to vent a bit about this problem I'm having with myself :p