Monday, May 14, 2018

Back again

A bit of an absence due to my dog passing away...

I'm rummaging around looking for my old gear and find a few pieces I forgot I had. Seems I was working on some horns that are now worm food :( so I'll have to replace those. I ordered some flints from TotW for my flinter and also got the Hawken in History book. I was pleased to see that I'm not just another Hawken groupie but more of a Half Stock groupie LOL. I was pleased to read up on the HS rifles in Muzzle Blasts and find I really just have an itch for half stocked rifles, maybe because I'm on the west coast and they seem to be popular with horse riders. While I'm not much into horses many of the places I shoot don't have long ranges. A short barrel with a big hole in it does wonders for me in my neck of the woods :)

One day I will begin work on a half stock .62 cal rifle... the trick is what to wrap around it... Most likely Iron and a cap lock but the though of a rock lock is very appealing :)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Custom work ?

      Going through all the catologes out there I find I’m looking for things that are not always listed.  I was pleased to see the cut down Colt 1860 revolver into a belly gun. But very little in the way of custom Hawken rifle configurations, they all seem to look cookie cutter to each other.  I saw a custom piece built on a TC Hawken in 58 smooth bore as a canoo gun. Very nice conversion and I’m thinking I may need to order that kind of work for myself :)

     Anyone get the urge to chop up a piece to get it to fit a new role?

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Flowering a Muzzle

Working on what kind of Flowering I want to do to the muzzle flats. Do I make something different or do I keep them all the same so I can ID what ones are mine in a crowded arrangement? A word of caution about Flowering the muzzle flat, DO NOT FILE INTO THE CROWN... By that I mean don't let the file cut the flat so deep as to enter the rifling. The one already cut is very close but doesn't enter the rifling, I was sure nervous when I saw that HAHA but all was good. The idea of marking the muzzle flat has always caused concern due to damaging the rifling. If done carefully it is said to help with folding the patch material more consistently. I've put a few pounds of powder in that tube over the decades and can't confirm or deny that. I do it purely for the aesthetics and quick ID of my rifle when I shoot with my buddies that also have TC's. That little bit of customizing just makes it feel better :)

Friday, March 30, 2018


This is not a paid endorsement, but I just joined the National Muzzle Loaders Association again after MANY years of scrounging around for their magazine Muzzle Blasts. I have been itching for authentic antiques to add to my ML collection. Being hooked on Colt revolvers and Hawken rifles one can imagine how many I can afford on a disabled income HAHA. The more I research these firearms the more I can feel the urge sink in. I was just looking at a restoration project on an original Hawken that had been over a fireplace for decades as it slowly fell apart. The color of the old growth wood used for the stock must have been irreplaceable, as well as the patina of the iron parts, the barrel, but plate, and lock, where gorgeous. The engraving was slight but really set the piece apart from a modern ML'r. As for a Colt ML revolver, I'd be pleased with a parts gun at the moment, something I may well be able to scratch up funds for. AS always, Keep Your Powder Dry and I'll post again soon, with pictures (I hope lol)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Thoughts running amok...

Howdy all :) East Coast Shows while really cool to see are just not my "Era" My family moved to the west coast while all my relatives stayed in Tennessee. So I'm partial to mountain man and Gold Rush era Rendezvous. I have not been to a Rendezvous in decades and find myself really itching to find one in the Southern California area. That also may be why I'm hooked on Hawkens HAHA. I have been watching and reading videos and my few good books to keep my interest burning. In one book I found my notes on a rifle I wanted built based on a Pennsylvania 1860 era squirrel rifle, a direct relative was listed in one book as a gunsmith in 1860. Than on the other side would be a large bore hawken pattern perc to represent my part of the family that moved west. Finding makers in a style I like with inlays that I would like to see may be harder than I thought, but I don't think that my plans are to far out in fantasy land. I used to collect coins of the mid 1800's and wanted a few pieces inlaid into the stocks. Time for a rest, I've been researching instead of sleeping and it's starting to catch up to me LOL.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Wow it's been a while...

Howdy all and to all those that still follow this blog. After moving and a few health issues going crazy as well as getting a certificate in Photography from SBCC... Wow has time gotten away from me. I have however remained a Muzzle Loader Advocate and long for the smell of smoke on the range. I have picked up a few more pieces in my time away and have really settled into a line that I can't stop thinking about, T/C Hawkens... I know not a traditional ML as far as history is concerned but for my less than stellar income I can't afford (to breath) historically accurate arms at this time. I was sad to see Thompson Center Arms get bought out by Smith & Wesson. Seeing the fall of the side hammer line of ML's being dropped from the line up was really a sad day. I have now started my quest to find pieces in the T/C Hawken line to add to my own rack of lovelies. I don't fully know why I am so attached to TC Hawkens, it may be the tones of lead and powder I have put through my rifle that endears me to it. What ever the case I can not pass one up. I recently inherited a CVA Hawken that has had all the brass replaced with TC Hawken brass on a lovely piece of maple, Pics soon. I will be taking new pictures and uploading more as I get back into the swing of things. If anyone is interested in seeing what I have been doing with my photography Click Here to check them out.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years :)

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, I know we are having a great day, hope yours is safe and with loved ones :)

Keep your powder dry :)