Thursday, February 11, 2010

Champain interests on a "on sale" beer budget

What can I say, I'm a cook and we just don't make the big bucks. This post and many that will undoubtedly follow are as much for me to track my ideas as they are out there to help or gain help from those that read this. So I shall begin...

One day I will have a Hawken that is "Period Correct" pre 1840's, till that time though I will make due with T/C's Hawken line of rifles. I'm always on the look out for these rifles when I find a shop that actually stocks muzzleloaders, yes a rare find indeed... My current TC Hawken is a early 80's 50 cal Perc with nice walnut wood, I've also had the muzzle flowered as I find that to beautiful "Art Form". You just don't see that very much out there.

I'm still looking for at least 2 more T/C Muzzleloaders, that are not collector items, a flintlock Hawken (any caliber) and the T/C Big Boar 58 monster. I came across one years ago in the Bay Area and talked myself out of it... I have regretted that choice ever sense...

Why do I like the Thompson Center Hawken line so much, well it just fits me. When I pick it up and shoulder it, the sights are right in line. Not many rifles fit me that well that easily. While it's rifling is a bit of a bugger, 1:48, mine has kept tight clover leafs at 75yds when I do my part. So I pretty much stick to that load.

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