Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Project as it stands

Well things are lining up for me so far, short of being in CA... Thats another issue all together...

I'm currently looking for a Case Colored G2 frame and because in CA you seem to have to buy a Bbl now to get a frame (looking deeper into that one) I will also be ordering it with a 50 ML tube, and walnut stocks. I don't know how much that will set me back but I have decided to sell off my coins and get a new frame set up

By the way, this poor thing will not look the same when I get done with it

I'm replacing the recoil pad with a brass butt plate. The forend will be reworked totally, no longer using screws but will have brass keys, also with a brass nose cap. The Bbl will also be stripped of it's finnish and browned. I'm still playing with the idea of redoing the sights as well.

If I'm going to learn to play with an In-line It's going to be on my terms

As much as I really want to get my Preditor project done, this has stuck a chord in my that hasn't let up yet. In my mind this will look great, lets hope I'm not completely insane HAHA

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