Sunday, February 21, 2010

Projects are lining up...

As I get more involved in getting my knowledge built up I find more projects to get going. 2 more have just taken shape, and if things go well I may have all 3 done in the next two years time. The first project, in the post prior to this one, should be done by June July area. So the next two will be gong after that one.

#1 is a 36 flinty that will come from my family roots. Looking up family history to see where we where in the lat 1700's. That area will be that pattern of rifle I build :)

#2 is going to be a Pre1840 Hawken in .58 or .62, I like em BIG :) I like this idea as my mother was the only part of our family to head west, so my branch of the family will be tied to that rifle.

I'm going to try and get both stocks from the same tree if possible, ya long shot there but ya never know till you try.

Ever get that feeling that you have been in a fog for so long, that when you find a clearing you just loose it :p and you never want to let it go again? Shooting and Black Powder has been that way for me. For YEARS I have buried this interest not willing to let it go but not daring to look at it. Well I have looked at it this past year and I'm not going to loose it again. All the things I was going to do, before I shut the door on this part of my life, are going to be explored... Guess this is my mid life crisis, who knows, but I'm going for it and see what it brings me :)

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