Thursday, February 11, 2010

Traditionalist in the land of in-lines

Sux to be me at times. I'm a "traditionalist" type shooter, I use Goex black powder, not a substitute powder. Using a sidelock Percussion or flintlock standard rifle set up. Patched roundball is my prefered projectile with the occasional mini ball if needed.

No 209 ignition, substitute powder pellet, sabot shot, stainless steel barrel, scoped rifles for me. That may as well be a cartrige gun in my eyes. Yes I'm in the minority here and I am told that regularly, by those that use the above mentioned thingies... Seems the people making the laws are ether ignorant (most likely) or don't like traditional shooter/hunters. Because here in California there is something called a Lead Free zone, no lead projectiles can be used to hunt large game. So what you say? Or "sounds good, not having all that lead in the animales we hunt" and I'm inclined to like not having lead particules in my food... However has anyone tried to use a lead free round out of a traditional muzzleloader? Blind people are more accurate than these rounds out of the slow twists used in a traditional muzzleloader. Round Ball rifling (traditional Bbls) is around 1:60 twist (0ne full twist in 60 inches) while the sabot style rounds do best in a 1:28 twist... So you ether have to buy another Bbl and get it all broken in to shoot sabot or get another rifle entirely, both are expensive prospects in todays market.

So I'm currently on the fence as to what I'm going to do... I really don't want to shoot sabot rounds as I feel that not what muzzleloading is all about, so I can no longer hunt legaly in my area using what should be used in the muzzleloading season... Oh well...


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