Tuesday, April 27, 2010


About 20 years ago a friend traded a .45 Kentucky rifle kit for some reloading I did for him. He has sense passed away and I really want to finish the rifle, just cause :p But it's not a very good kit and in bad shape... I've been dragging my heels getting this done and really should do it just got the memories... But it may never be a good shooter as there is a good deal of pitting that I may not be able to lap out, it's also a cheapie. It makes no sence to me to dump any $$ into it as I don't expect to use it much. But I hate sinking allot of time into a rifle not thinking it will be a shooter.

Arrgghh!! If money was not an issue I'd replace the bad parts and make it real, but alas that is not the case... So close to done and so far lol...

Sorry for the ramblings but I just had to vent a bit about this problem I'm having with myself :p


  1. If the barrel is that crook why not cut it down and make a pistol? If what is left of the barrel is still crook it won't matter so much as a short range back-up. You could even use shot in it. Just a thought.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  2. Mmmmm, Le Loup may have a valid point there
    , at least it'll give you a finished article?

  3. Very interesting :) Funny I was just talking to a buddy about that and it never accured to me to look at my own project :p All else fails a smoothbore may be an interesting way to go... Lap the crud out and see whats left :p