Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ages of period razors

Here are a few of my razors. The one that looks like a sharpened popcicle stick is from 1790's and the one with deep finger grooves is around 1830-50 (ish). The pic with 3 blades shows 3 era's pre 1800, 1850's, and post 1900. As can be seen not alot changed in the basic shape of tang, spine, shoulder, and blade. Only refinements of these structures as the machine age took over. Lucky there are alot of modern knife makers moving over to make straight razors, I'm tempted to commision one from as early as I can find :) see what happens...

I'm still waiting for a razor history book at the library so I can start getting some more accurate info on makers you can do searches for and posable cherry pick some goodies out there. The pic with 3 blades is how I won them off Ebite for next to nothing :) Ya that was a good buy... not so lucky on most of my bids haha.


  1. Hi Dwarvenchef,
    Linked to your blog after advice from Le Loup, think that I'll tag along for a while if thats ok?

  2. No prob :) the more the marrier. Please comment as you wish as I like to know there is more than just my echo out there :p

  3. I too come here via LL. I am from India and for some strange reason, these razors are called 'cut throat razors' here. After reading your post I went to wikipedia and learnt a great deal more. In our hair cutting saloons here, the straight razor has been replaced by a gadget that looks like one but accommodates half a safety razor blade and this is used to ensure that each customer gets a new blade!

  4. There are a few blades out there still being made today with removable blades. Feather is one I think from Japan.