Friday, May 14, 2010

Patch Knives

Interesting observation brought up over on my Straight Razor blog. "The use of the Patch Knife" as well as where did the term start from.

I use an old razor for my patch knife, tang is just secured in an antler tip. I think I'll also toss all my busted razors over on my bench and see what ones can be altered into patch knives.

Just my speculation but I think the term "Patch Knife" came about in recent times when you didn't have to carry a small knife everywhere you went for daily chores. Back in the day when you where living off the land your knives where on you and used for everything, and the smaller one would cut the patches as needed. Once we didn't need that knife for everything we did, we stopped carrying it or it morphed into another tool that may not have been thought of to cut patches. Heck by that time we didn't need patches any longer. So now if you step back into the BP era you find you need a small knife to cut the patches.

I'd love to see what others are carrying in their kits, as it gives me ideas on what to make for mine... At the moment my kit is modern junk I scrounged up in the early 80's and just never replaced :p Now I find I want to replace it all with stuff I made myself. Kind of exciting to get working on it all :)


  1. Try here:

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  2. Thanks for the pointers :) good stuff there :)