Friday, May 7, 2010

While I'm searching for more experience...

While I'm out and about gathering info and goodies for my muzzleloading addiction I found myself distracted by Straight Razors again :p So much so that... Ya another Blog... It was just easier to keep them all separated and not getting all mixed up :p

So what I have been doing is focusing on the Black Powder era razors. And there are allot of very interesting razors out there that fit the time lines many of us follow. Granted the real early ones, pre 1800, are a real bugger to find. It's almost like a wall has been built at around 1790... you just don't see much before that period, and the few that pop up get fuzzy as to when they really where made. Unless you luck out and get a name that was known to have closed before 1800... than your good :p

I now have 2 in the 1790-1820 range and they are both great shavers :) But my personal interests run a bit later, 1830 to 1860, both in razors and rifles :)

So when I have something date related I'll bring that razor over here to add to the feel here but for now all my Razor stuff will be at the Cut-Throat of a Different Kind blog :)

I don't have much to report at this time as I have about 25 vintage razors to restore and that's being covered next door :p

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